• Il Concerto - jogo
  • Il Concerto - jogo
  • Il Concerto - jogo
  • Il Concerto - jogo

Il Concerto - jogo

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Jogo de observação e de memória. A partir dos 7 anos. 

"Once upon a time there were musicians, violinists, guitarists, pianists... They were all looking for a group to play music!

A memory game where the objective is to create the most musical groups. To win, you must turn over the musical instrument cards and match them with the musical groups they belong to without making a mistake.

Due to the versatility of the cards, other games interpretations can be easily created to help gain musical knowledge.

The game can be played at two different levels of difficulty: the simplified version for classical instruments or play the full version with all kinds of musical groups.

This observation and memory game provides a fun way to understand the world of music better."

nota: instruções em inglês, francês, italiano, espanhol e catalão. Não tem instruções em português. 

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