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home, sweet home

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There once was a city where the houses were very beautiful, colorful, neither too high nor too low, with windows full of flowers... Help build the most beautiful city in the world!

The goal is to create a city by building houses. In turn, each player chooses a card and places it in one of the buildings or exchanges it with another player. If your letter is for a roof design, you must check that the sum of all windows in the building corresponds to the number in the top right corner of the roof tile.

Each time one of the players manages to complete a house by placing the roof, they will earn points. Players must constantly calculate the best place to build each floor.

A didactic card game where simple calculations must be solved to build as many buildings as possible and become the winner.

Photos: Londji

Instructions in: English, French, German. Italian, Spanish & Catalan. There are no instructions in Portuguese.